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Expressions Whiteboard Overlay Skins 

Installation Guide


1)  Clean, smooth, and lightly mark (using an erasable pencil, tape, or laser line) the wall surface where the top or bottom of the surface will be applied (wall paint and surfaces need to be dry and cured before covering).

2)  Unroll 4 feet of the surface against the wall leaving the backing on. (Always keep the product from kinking).

3)  Match the surface edge to the markings.

4)  Once aligned, peel back 2 inches of the backing to expose the starting edge and rub the upper corner onto the wall surface. Re-check alignment. Apply the starting vertical edge (approx. 1 inch) allowing the product to naturally hang. Keep unapplied product ~30 degrees (a slight angle) from the surface. 

Application Tip: be careful not to touch the pre-applied adhesive side (this may leave finger prints on transparent materials); you may desire to start the edge before the marked starting point and trim off the portion with a sharp retractable knife at the starting point). 

5)  For Repositionable Adhesive, apply with cloth directly to surface. Continue to Step 7.

6)  For Permanent Adhesive (repositionable during installation):

a)  For Painted Surfaces: lightly mist 1 linear foot of the cured painted surface with a wall cleaner (like formula 409) or Rapid Tac. Peel back about 10 inches of the release liner. Press the adhesive-exposed surface to the dampened wall area. 

b)  For smooth, non-painted, surfaces (chalkboards, dry erase boards, metal, Plexiglas, glass, etc.): Heavily mist ~2 ½ linear feet of the non-painted surface with non-ammonia glass cleaner (like Windex for chalkboards or Plexiglas cleaner for Plexiglas) or Rapid Tac. Peel back ~2 feet of the release-liner (backing) and press the dry erase overlay onto the wet surface, slowly pull a cloth covered, wet-tipped, squeegee over the dry erase surface

7)  Trim any excess width or length, wipe down the surface with a water wet cotton cloth, and buff dry to remove any residue on the surface. Firmly rub the surface with a soft cotton cloth to insure adhesion. 

Congratulations on your new, state-of-the-art, 

Expressions Whiteboard Skin    Surface!


If you have any questions on the installation process, please call us at 1.855-533.7273 or email us directly at 


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