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Expressions is the

#1 Dry Erase Surface product available because...


WE back our product with a Lifetime Warranty

Our Products are so durable they can be used

Indoors and Outdoors

Even Permanent Marker (Sharpie) and Spray Paint removes from our surfaces

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Expressions Dry Erase Products successfully remove:


  •   Dry erase markers... plus

  •   Permanent markers (Sharpie)... plus

  •   Regular markers, washable markers, highlighter           markers... plus

  •   Crayons... plus

  •   Spray paint... plus

  •   Pens... plus

  •   Tape and stickers!


Expressions acknowledges the harmful effects products can leave in environments where our friends, family and children live. We have taken great care to offer a dry erase board paint product which eliminates harmful toxins which other products leave in their products. Expressions Dry Erase Paint has Zero to low V.O.C.'s  leaving the applier with fewer worries! Write on our white or transparent (clear) dry erase paint with comfort!


Customer satisfaction is Expressions' main concern. Expressions believes that you are our main priority.

We shape our company around serving you.

Our product's main goal is to serve your needs.

This is why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee

ACTUAL Expressions Dry Erase Surface Demonstration! 

Writings include: Dry erase low odor, Sharpie permanent marker, Highlighter, Regular marker, Washable marker, crayon, and indoor/outdoor spray paint.

Wipe away with ease!

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