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5 Reasons Why a Dry Erase Paint Wall is Perfect for the Office

Dry erase paint refers to a special kind of painting that can be applied to most surfaces and, once dried and cured, can support dry erase markers in the same way a whiteboard can. There are a great many uses for this material that make it a great choice for the average office. 1. Conference Room Collaboration With as many walls and surfaces painted with the paint as is necessary (or possible), any conference room or meeting hall becomes a place to exchange ideas in an entirely new way. Although it may sound somewhat childish at first

– “just draw on everything” – this can actually be a really helpful way for everyone’s ideas to become visualized properly and considered more heavily. It also could potentially be a good bit of fun to offset a serious meeting. 2. The Most Simple Message Board There Is There’s no need to have a single corkboard anywhere in the office, because anyone’s door, cubicle, wall, or desk can be turned into an impossible-to-miss center for schedules, minutes, calendars, and reminders. The paint saves space, saves time (in the long run, as it can take several days after being applied before it’s ready to be written on), and creates a sense of uniqueness when coworkers walk past the coffee table and can read about an upcoming meeting there. 3. Less Need for Paper Rather than coming up with a great idea, writing it down, and then realizing that it’s maybe not so great, it would be simple to just jot down these things directly onto your desk. In fact, the need for paper would decrease greatly, saving both money, and making everything a little more convenient. With less paper, there’s less of the disorganization that having too much paper can create. With less disorganization, more work gets done. 4. A Personalized Office All that’s really necessary to design and organize an office in any way that works is dry erase paint and a marker. Organization becomes truly simple and personalized when anything can be written on a desk or on a wall, be it work-related, a reminder for personal life, or a little bit of doodling out of momentary boredom. This paint allows for any office to be personalized for the person using it, and is easily erased for when the next person starts using it. 5. Ideas Everywhere There are some offices that have painted entire floors with dry erase paint so that no idea is ever forgotten, and no contribution left unnoticed. The sense of unity that this can create is invaluable to any team, and creates one of the strongest types of collaboration there can be. If where to paint can’t be decided – paint everywhere, so everyone can enjoy and contribute to the setting. The collaborative potential for this paint makes it an ideal thing for every office or workplace to have; there’s just so much that can be done with it. Encouraging teamwork and adding a bit of fun to the office is something that can never be stressed enough as an appreciated, encouraging gesture for everyone involved.

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