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Dry Erase Paint Installation Tips That Can Help You

Although many companies and individuals use dry erase boards in homes and business meetings, the size of an average board can be somewhat prohibitive at times. However, a newcomer to the block now enables anyone to paint a section or even an entire wall or office with what is known as dry erase paint. Owing to the fact that this product is completely different to regular paint, here are a few handy tips to help ensure that you apply it correctly. Getting Started Before applying dry erase paint to any surface, ensure that it is clean and completely dry. This product can be used on surfaces that have been previously coated with top-coat latex or oil-based paint, provided that it is smooth, dry and already cured. Un-primed surfaces will need to have primer applied, which will need to dry before applying the dry erase paint. It is usually recommended to sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper and then removing the dust residue before starting to apply the first coat of this paint. Once the surface has been correctly prepared and is found to be free of dirt, grit or grime, the application process can begin. Applying the Product An advantage of this paint product is that it does not need to be stirred before being applied. It can be applied with a good quality brush, a lint-free roller or even an airless sprayer system – although we recommend using a regular-foam roller for the best application results. The entire surface that is going to be used as a dry erase surface should be carefully covered, with approximately one ounce of product being used per three square feet of applied surface. In most cases, indoor surfaces will require anything from one to three coats to achieve the desired finish afterwards. Surfaces that are already quite smooth may require additional coats. It is crucial to ensure that each coat is thoroughly dry before applying the next round of paint. Using your Dry Erase Wall Once the paint has dried thoroughly, it can start being used. However, for the first week, it is recommended that only regular dry erase markers and the correct eraser products are used on it. After seven days, other crayons and marker types may be used on it. Cleaners such as a window cleaning product that contains ammonia, isopropyl alcohol or Goof-off cleaning spray can be used to remove all traces of markers and crayons from the surface. These should be applied with a soft cloth and then rubbed until the surface is clean. It is crucial to ensure that no contact whatsoever is made with the surface for the first 24 hours after the final coat of paint has been applied on a wall. It is strongly recommended that a face mask, gloves and safety goggles are used during the application process and that the product is applied in a well ventilated area. For health and safety reasons, pregnant women, children and pets should be kept far away from the areas where the paint is going to be applied.

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