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How an Expressions Dry Erase Paint Wall Can Inspire Your Employees to be Visual

When people hear the words “staff meeting” or “let’s discuss this in the boardroom,” images of stuffy, boring and seemingly endless meetings plagued by PowerPoint presentations and flip charts tend to come to mind. However, switching these traditional forms of information sharing with something like a full-sized dry erase paint wall could make all the difference between having employees nodding off in the back row or taking part in the next meeting. Bring the Fun Back Into Business Meetings Instead of having everyone sit through long-winded meetings that display endless presentations on projector screens, why not cover one surface of the office, boardroom or any other room where gatherings are held, with dry erase paint instead? Once everyone is gathered for the next meeting, hand out a few sets of dry erase markers and let each employee list ideas, thoughts or company goals on a spot of the wall? Once everyone is done listing ideas and suggestions, consider having a quick vote to select some of the best ideas out of everyone’s scribbling and perhaps implement a few of these ideas into the workplace if they are at all feasible and practical. Eliminate Frustration Many employees find that although they are used to jotting ideas down on notepads or paper scraps, this can become frustrating when these get lost among other paperwork on their desks. Providing each employee with a section of wall that is covered with dry erase paint will allow him or her to jot ideas down as they come to mind. An added bonus is that because they have been written on a wall, they will be far more visible. This means that there is a good chance that the employee will be more prone to remembering important dates, ideas for the next business meeting or even other important appointments such as family members’ doctor or dentist visits. Allow Free Reign to Inspire Creativity In many cases, there will be at least a few employees who may be too shy to stand up in a traditional meeting setting to share their ideas with everyone else. However, allowing everyone to “join in the fun” and write on the walls at leisure will often spark a level of creativity in people that they never knew they had. Some employees may list ideas, while others might prefer to draw visual pictures to depict them instead. As a result, your next business meeting or brainstorming session could very well result in a set of fresh, new ideas that could result in increased employee performance or even a substantial increase in sales and profits. Before purchasing your next regular-sized dry erase board to hang in your office or meeting room, take a little time to consider all the benefits that an entire dry erase wall could offer. With dry erase paint, the only limit to your or your employee’s imagination is the size of the wall that they are given to work with.

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