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Why Businesses are Using Dry Erase Walls to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

More and more businesses are realizing how beneficial it is to encourage employees to release their inner creativity, and one of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is to incorporate the use of dry erase walls in individual offices as well as communal areas like boardrooms. Here are a few reasons why dry erase paint for business is such a great idea. Affordability With a standard 4’ x 6’ dry erase board costing as much as $200, it’s no surprise that more businesses are opting to use dry erase paint for business purposes instead. Purchasing enough of this paint to cover a 50 sq. ft. area will cost as little as $150 to $200. However, in many instances, this purchase will enable an entire office wall to be painted and used as a dry erase surface instead of just a limited-sized board. This will provide a lot more space to make notes or even dra