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Dry Erase Paint Comparison Which product is best?

Dry Erase Paint Comparison

Which Dry Erase Paint is best? That is what we are going to explore.

There are a few time tested products on the market today, and they fall into two categories: the ones you mix, and the ones ready to use. Then there is their warranty.

In the ones you mix, there is an "A" component and a "B" component (sometimes a "C", "D", and "E"). Once the components are added together, they are thoroughly mixed, and the chemical reaction starts. Also, the clock starts. Each of these 2+ component products have a "pot life", which basically means that this is the time to get the product from the paint tray onto the wall. Whether on your wall or in the roller pan, the product will set up when the pot-life clock stops. It may look ok, but applying after the pot-life clock stops may be performance problematic.

Also with 2+ component products, the ratio needs to be accurate. The entire content from one container (Part "A:") needs to be poured into the other container (Part "B"); or both containers poured into a third container. If the kit says 50 sq ft, and you are covering 40 square feet, 10 square feet will be wasted. Or, in other words, your cost per square foot just increased 25% for the product that set up in the paint tray.

Another point about the ratio, is that all of the product must be poured out and thoroughly mixed. A common problem with multi-part dry erase paint products is that one area of the surface works differently the another. This is usually due to some of one component not being totally mixed with the other component. Being just partially mixed, there was not enough of both components to correctly make the complete necessary reaction. There is some reaction, but not enough. Once set-up, that area will work differently. The remedy is to purchase another kit and reapply.

There is the other type: single component. This is what most people are familiar with when applying paint. Open the container and apply. There is not a need to be concerned about getting the right chemical reaction, it's ready when you open the single container..

The best comparison after applying the product, is to look at the performance of the product. If the product performs, the company will stand behind their product with a longer warranty. Of course, the best is a product with a Lifetime Warranty.

Happy Expressing on your upcoming dry erase paint purchase!

Expressions Technical Team

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