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This is a patented 1-component product.

There is not any mixing of parts. This is simple: pour and apply product.

If this is your first time applying the dry erase paint product, here are a few suggestions to make your installation more successful. 


As an overview:

All personnel involved need to read and understand all directions,, Installation Guide, SDS’s and Product information. 

Apply in a ventilated room with fresh air access, cover or close all room vents and close the door during application and dry time. Always use all safety equipment and procedures.  Keep container lid tightly closed  unless dispensing. Unused product can be applied at another location within a couple days. Thoroughly stir the product in the paint tray, so that there is not any air trapped in the product, to obtain a uniform color. Use new applicator brushes, rollers and pan liners for each application area. Slowly brush or roll the product so that air will not be entrenched. Apply in multiple directions to ensure complete and uniform coverage. Apply the amount of product so there are not runs and the amount of coverage equals the amounts of coverage state on the container. Review application for any missed, or thinly coated areas. 

Call us toll-free 1.855-533.7273 during regular business hours, U.S.A. central time zone, with any questions or to discuss the product before, during, and after use. Your new Dry Erase Surface will be ready for dry erase marker use in as little as 72 hours after your application! 

For the additional Installation information regarding our 1-part dry erase paint please read the Installation Guide . 

Enjoy !


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