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These whiteboard skins are perfect for larger areas. Apply over chalkboards (instantly making them dry erase boards), resurface damaged dry erase boards, or apply directly to the wall !!!

4 feet tall from 1 foot long to 100 feet long.   Indoor or Outdoor Use!


Simple to apply... Simpler to order...

Enter the number of feet (wide) you want!  (example if you want a 4' x 8' enter 8 in quanity; if you want 4' x 20' enter 20 in quantity)    Lifetime Warranty!

4 ft. Tall Whiteboard Skins (enter number of feet wide in quantity - up to 200)

$12.95 Regular Price
$11.01Sale Price
  • Lifetime Warranty that dry erase markings will not stain the surface.

    Even Permanent Marker (Sharpie) removes, and Spray Paint!

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