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5 Ways Architects Can Incorporate Dry Erase Paint for Creative Real Estate Design

When the time comes to paint the walls in a brand new home or office space, most people simply opt for a regular paint in a traditional color, apply it to the walls and repeat the process in a few years’ time. However, more and more architects have realized how beneficial it can be to incorporate the use of dry erase paint into their creative real estate design projects. Here are five areas of homes or offices that can benefit greatly from this product. 1. Kitchens Whoever is responsible for the grocery shopping in a home will rely on a notepad attached to the refrigerator door with a magnet to remind them of what needs to be purchased, while numerous recipe books take up valuable counter space. Using dry erase wall paint on at least one wall in a kitchen will provide more than enough space to compile shopping lists, list a few often-used recipes or even provide an ideal spot for keeping track of a busy day-to-day family schedule. 2. Office Blocks There are a few different ways in which architects can incorporate the use of this product into office or other professional environments. One of the most obvious uses for the paint is to replace traditional projector systems in boardrooms with a dry erase wall. However, other areas it can be used are in individual offices so employees can have their own space for generating ideas or even directly on employees’ desks so that notes can be made without having to waste paper. 3. Kids’ Rooms When designing kids’ rooms, most architects are aware of how important it is to incorporate a few fun elements into them. All walls and even doors can be painted with dry erase paint to help encourage kids to be as creative as possible without having to worry about keeping the walls and other flat surfaces clean. 4. Garages Most garages lack space to write down important information, especially if an important DIY project is underway. Although wall space is usually in short supply in most garages, this is no reason why this paint cannot be used in them. Architects who have been designated to design workspaces in garages can turn a workbench surface into a space for taking notes or even brainstorming diagrams for DIY projects. 5. Home Offices Anyone who works from home knows how stressful it can be to try and keep track of a busy day-to-day schedule, especially when it isn’t easily visible. During the office design process, architects can designate one feature wall that can be treated with whiteboard paint, which can then be used to list important appointments or other information that needs to be remembered. When it comes to real estate design, there are virtually no limits to how a product like dry erase wall paint can be used. An added advantage is that, if applied correctly and allowed to dry for a minimum of 72 hours, the surface of this product can last for many years.

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