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New Lengths... that is Any Length!

We are excited to bring two new products for everyone.

Any Length! This is really phenomenal! You can order any of our skin product in any length up to 200 feet long. If you need a 4 foot tall skin to be 16 feet long, just select the 4 foot size, your color (white or transparent) and then enter 16 for the quantity, or enter 22 if you want a 4' x 22' piece. Available for 2', 4', and 5' heights!

Full Roll Quantities! We can offer a great discount on full 200 feet long rolls that come in self-dispensing boxes. Just pull out as much product as you need, cut with a sharp utility knife, and take the rest to the next room. Great for contractors and larger projects!

The product is easily shaped with a sharp pair of scissors or utility knife. Make heart shape dry erase surfaces for your kids, perfect for kitchen areas and inside cabinet doors.

Use your company logo on a wall and make the area dry erase with our transparent sheet, from wall to wall!


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